ADVANCED STYLE-HB  9781576877975 ARI,SETH COHEN This follow-up to the bestselling Advanced Style features more senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe. In this new edition Ari Seth Cohen shares his work from the past few years including some of the world's best-dressed older gentlemen. x  $315.00 FASHION
ALCHEMY-HB  9789814523752 WANG,SHAOQIAN Moving away from current computer-dominated trends, Alchemy – The Art and Craft of Illustration showcases work made from materials such as paper, cotton, wire, feathers, and embroidery. This book reveals how illustrators use a multitude of techniques to create incredible images and reveal their own lavish inner worlds. x  $400.00 GRAPHIC DESIGN
ALL THE BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK:THAT I'-HB 9780789324672  JAMES,GULLIVER HANCOCK A charmingly illustrated journey through New York City, neighborhood by neighborhood. All the Buildings in New York is a love letter to New York City, told through James Gulliver Hancock’s unique and charming drawings of the city’s diverse architectural styles and cityscape. His buildings are colorful and chock full of fun and offbeat details, and this book is full of new discoveries as well as old chestnuts for anyone who loves the Big Apple. Organized by neighborhoods, the book features iconic New York buildings, such as the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Flatiron Building, as well as the everyday buildings that make up New York City—the boutique shops in SoHo, timeless brownstones in Brooklyn, and rows of busy markets in Chinatown. New Yorkers and tourists alike will savor this one-of-a-kind volume that uniquely celebrates the energy and spirit of the city that never sleeps. x  $180.00 FINE ART
BARBER BOOK,THE-HB    9780714871042 The Barber Book is a fun guide to the most popular men's hairstyles of the 20th century, including quirky line drawings to achieve the 'total look' and instructions on how to cut each style. x  $242.00 FASHION
HKIDA 2016 BEYOND DIMENSIONS  9789887710509 HKIDA has published an annual Members’ Directory since 2009. As the most comprehensive catalogue and powerful reference tool on interior design in Hong Kong, the directory serves the profile of Hong Kong’s interior design profession, heighten the public’s appreciation of local design talents and creativity, enhance networking among local and overseas industry fellows and strengthen the business connection between interior design service providers and users.
MY PARIS DREAM:KATE BETTS 9780812983036 KATE,BETTS    A charming and insightful memoir about coming of age as a fashion journalist in 1980s Paris, by former Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar editor Kate Betts, the author of Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style x  $153.00 FASHION
NANOTECTURE-HB 9780714870601 REBECCA,ROKE  An inspiring, surprising and fun collection of 300 works of small-scale architecture including demountable, portable, transportable and inflatable structures as well as pavilions, installations, sheds, cabins, pods, capsules and tree houses. x  $242.00 ARCHITECTURE
PARIS STREET STYLE 9781101907382  ZOE,DE LAS CASES       Wherever you’re off to, take this cheeky and charming coloring journal with you. Transport yourself to the corner pâtisserie, and give life to the stylish essentials laid out from your suitcase. Beautifully detailed outfits, accessories, and hairstyles complement the equally ornate cityscapes. Embellish whimsical, full-page patterns and classic dresses with your own style. Window shop the elegant stores of Paris while you give life to playful fashion.  Like a high-end journal, this sleek package has an elastic closure and a satin ribbon marker so you can dip in and dip out of your own French fashion week. With nothing more than some colored pencils, you'll be on your way to a stress-free, Parisian-chic day. x  $144.00 FASHION
WE CAN'T DO THIS ALONE:HACK THE SYSTE-HB 9780847847433     JEFFERSON,HACK   Welcome to an extraordinary journey into underground culture from visionary publisher Jefferson Hack. Featuring contributions from cultural provocateurs Tilda Swinton, Rankin, Douglas Coupland, Björk, Aimee Mullins, and many more, We Can’t Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack the System re-defines the purpose of alternative media in the 21st century—drawing on a wealth of innovative projects to artfully map out a bright future for radical publishing. In the spirit of progressive individualism at its core every single copy is unique, emblazoned with an individuated, numbered cover displaying a one-off fresco of the provocative material between its pages. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.
WONDERLAND    9780399578465   AMILY,SHEN  Follow the White Rabbit into this imaginative adult coloring book inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, featuring intricate pen-and-ink drawings by acclaimed artist Amily Shen. x  $135.00 FINE ART

CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND 9781101973394 KEVIN KWAN It’s the eve of Rachel Chu’s wedding, and she should be over the moon. She has a flawless Asscher-cut diamond, a wedding dress she loves, and a fiancé willing to thwart his meddling relatives and give up one of the biggest fortunes in Asia in order to marry her. Still, Rachel mourns the fact that her birthfather, a man she never knew, won’t be there to walk her down the aisle.  Then a chance accident reveals his identity. Suddenly, Rachel is drawn into a dizzying world of Shanghai splendor, a world where people attend church in a penthouse, where exotic cars race down the boulevard, and where people aren’t just crazy rich… they’re China rich.
CITY OF MIRRORS 9781101965832 JUSTIN CRONIN As the bestselling epic races to its breathtaking finale, Justin Cronin’s band of hardened survivors await the second coming of unspeakable darkness. The world we knew is gone. What world will rise in its place? The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred-year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended. The survivors are stepping outside their walls, determined to build society anew—and daring to dream of a hopeful future. But far from them, in a dead metropolis, he waits: Zero. The First. Father of the Twelve. The anguish that shattered his human life haunts him, and the hatred spawned by his transformation burns bright. His fury will be quenched only when he destroys Amy—humanity’s only hope, the Girl from Nowhere who grew up to rise against him. One last time light and dark will clash, and at last Amy and her friends will know their fate. x
 $200.00 FICTION
COUNTRY ROAD, A TREE 9781101948026 JO BAKER Paris, 1939. The pavement rumbles with the footfall of Nazi soldiers marching along the Champs-Elysees. A young, unknown writer Samuel Beckett recently arrived from Ireland to make his mark, smokes one last cigarette with his lover before the city they know is torn apart. Soon he will put them both in mortal danger by joining the Resistance... Through it all we are witness to the workings of a uniquely brilliant mind struggling to create a language that will express this shattered world. Here is a remarkable story of survival and determination, and a portrait of the extremes of human experience alchemized into one man s timeless art. x  $200.00 FICTION
EVERYBODY'S FOOL 9780451493842 RICHARD RUSSO The author of Empire Falls returns readers to the setting of Nobody's Fool and finds his main character confronting a daunting health prognosis, which he hides from his loved ones, including his longtime mistress, an increasingly distant best friend and an obsessive chief of police.



GO SET A WATCHMAN 9781784755287 HARPER LEE Originally written in the mid-1950s, Go Set a Watchman was the novel Harper Lee first submitted to her publishers before To Kill a Mockingbird. Assumed to have been lost, the manuscript was discovered in late 2014, featuring many of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird some twenty years later. Returning home to Maycomb to visit her father, Jean Louise Finch—Scout—struggles with issues both personal and political, involving Atticus, society, and the small Alabama town that shaped her. Exploring how the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird are adjusting to the turbulent events transforming mid-1950s America, Go Set a Watchman casts a fascinating new light on Harper Lee's enduring classic. x  $100.00 LITERATURE
MR SMILEY: MY LAST PILL AND TESTAMENT 9781509809684 HOWARD MARKS Howard Marks is Britain's most famous drug smuggler, having served seven years in an US penitentiary before going on to become the bestselling author of Mr Nice. A former Oxford physics graduate, he was released from prison in 1995. He had previously been connected with groups as diverse as the CIA, IRA, MI6 and the Mafia. In 2014 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Howard Marks died in April 2016. Incredibly funny, moving and scabrous, Howard Marks' Mr Smiley follows a journey to the heartland of the clubbing and British crime scene. It is also a fitting last word from one of Britain's best loved bad boys. x  $151.00 BIOGRAPHY
SMOKE 9780385541541 DAN VYLETA In an alternate nineteenth-century England where the lower classes emit smoke from their bodies that is believed to reflect wicked natures, three students at an elite boarding school for future leaders make discoveries that could cost them their lives.



SWEETBITTER 9780451493354 STEPHANIE DANLER Shot from a mundane, provincial past, Tess comes to New York in the stifling summer of 2006. Alone, knowing no one, living in a rented room in Williamsburg, she manages to land a job as a “backwaiter” at a celebrated downtown Manhattan restaurant. This begins the year we spend with Tess as she starts to navigate the chaotic, enchanting, punishing, and privileged life she has chosen, as well as the remorseless and luminous city around her. What follows is her education: in oysters, Champagne, the appellations of Burgundy, friendship, cocaine, lust, love, and dive bars. As her appetites awaken — for food and wine, but also for knowledge, experience, and belonging — we see her helplessly drawn into a darkly alluring love triangle. With an orphan’s ardor she latches onto Simone, a senior server at the restaurant who has lived in ways Tess only dreams of, and against the warnings of coworkers she falls under the spell of Jake, the elusive, tatted up, achingly beautiful bartender. These two and their enigmatic connection to each other will prove to be Tess’s most exhilarating and painful lesson of all. x  $180.00 LITERATURE
THIS TOO SHALL PASS 9780451497345 MILENA BUSQUETS Blanca is forty years old and motherless. Shocked at the unexpected loss of the most important person in her life, she suddenly realises that she has no idea what her future will look like. To deal with her dizzying grief and confusion, Blanca turns to sex, her dearest friends, her closest family, and a change of scenery. Leaving Barcelona behind, she returns to her mother’s former home in Cadaqués on the coast, accompanied by her two sons, two ex-husbands, and two best friends, with plans to meet her married lover. Though she is haunted by both the past and the present, Blanca embarks on a new sort of journey alongside those she loves most, one of resilience and hope, teaching her to live on with the knowledge that even the most devastating pain will eventually subside. Wryly funny, wistfully romantic, grief-stricken, and raw, This Too Shall Pass is at once an unforgettable meditation on loss and on love, and a timeless story of what it means to find a way forward and to truly, happily live on one’s own terms. x  $150.00 FICTION
TWO YEARS EIGHT MONTHS AND TWENTY-EIGHT NIGHTS 9781784701857 SALMAN RUSHDIE In the near future, after a storm strikes New York City, the strangenesses begin. A down-to-earth gardener finds that his feet no longer touch the ground. A graphic novelist awakens in his bedroom to a mysterious entity that resembles his own sub-Stan Lee creation. Abandoned at the mayor’s office, a baby identifies corruption with her mere presence, marking the guilty with blemishes and boils. A seductive gold digger is soon tapped to combat forces beyond imagining. Unbeknownst to them, they are all descended from the whimsical, capricious, wanton creatures known as the jinn. Centuries ago, Dunia, a princess of the jinn, fell in love with a mortal man of reason. Together they produced an astonishing number of children, unaware of their fantastical powers, who spread across generations in the human world. Once the line between worlds is breached on a grand scale, Dunia’s children and others will play a role in an epic war between light and dark spanning a thousand and one nights - or two years, eight months, and twenty-eight nights. It is a time of enormous upheaval, in which beliefs are challenged, words act like poison, silence is a disease, and a noise may contain a hidden curse. x  $151.00 LITERATURE

AGILE MIND:HOW YOUR BRAIN MAKES CREA-TPB 9780753556863 ESTANISLAO BACHRACH The Agile Mind is about the most precious mental talent we have: the ability to imagine things which have never existed and to create new ideas. This book demystifies the preconceptions we often have about how our brains function to show how creativity really works, and how we can make it work even better. x  $218.00 PSYCHOLOGY
ALTER EGOS:HILLARY CLINTON,BARACK OBAMA,AND THE TWILIGHT STRUGGLE OVER AMERICAN POWER 9780753556887 MARK LANDLER Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were rivals who became partners for a time, trailblazers who share a common sense of their historic destiny but different instincts about how to project power. As one prepares to relinquish the presidency, and the other makes her long-awaited bid for it, how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama regard America’s role in the world is a central question of our time. Mark Landler, White House correspondent for the New York Times, offers a deeply reported, first-hand account of the complex relationship between these two leaders and gives us a different way to think about Obama’s legacy and Clinton’s promise. x  $218.00 POLITICAL SCIENCE
FAR AND AWAY 9781784741129 ANDREW SOLOMON In 1991 Andrew Solomon rode a tank into Red Square in Moscow with a band of Russian artists protesting the coup after Gorbachev’s resignation. In 2002 he was in Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban; in 2014 he travelled to Myanmar to meet ex-political prisoners as the country slowly, fitfully pushed towards freedom. We find him in Greenland in 2001 researching widespread suffering from depression and on the quest for a rare bird in Zambia in 1998. Far and Away tells these and many other stories of profound upheaval. With his signature brilliance and compassion, Solomon demonstrates both how history is altered by individuals, and how personal identities are altered when governments alter. x  $218.00 SOCIAL SCIENCE
GIRL WITH SEVEN NAMES:ESCAPE FROM NORTH 9780007554850 HYEONSEO LEE An extraordinary insight into life under one of the world’s most ruthless and secretive dictatorships – and the story of one woman’s terrifying struggle to avoid capture/repatriation and guide her family to freedom. As a child growing up in North Korea, Hyeonseo Lee was one of millions trapped by a secretive and brutal communist regime. Her home on the border with China gave her some exposure to the world beyond the confines of the Hermit Kingdom and, as the famine of the 1990s struck, she began to wonder, question and to realise that she had been brainwashed her entire life. x  $151.00 HISTORY
HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT-TPB 9780385348867 CHRIS GUILLEBEAU A remarkable book that will both guide and inspire, "The Happiness of Pursuit "reveals how anyone can bring meaning into their life by undertaking a quest. When he set out to visit all of the planet s countries by age thirty-five, compulsive goal seeker Chris Guillebeau never imagined that his journey s biggest revelation would be how "many "people like himself exist each pursuing a challenging quest. And, interestingly, these quests aren t just travel-oriented. On the contrary, they re as diverse as humanity itself. Some involve exploration; others the pursuit of athletic or artistic excellence; still others a battle against injustice or poverty or threats to the environment. x  $160.00 MANAGEMENT
LEAN ENTREPRENEUR 2E 9781119095033 BRANT COOPER The Lean Entrepreneur, Second Edition banishes the "Myth of the Visionary" and shows you how you can implement proven, actionable techniques to create products and disrupt existing markets on your way to entrepreneurial success. The follow–up to the New York Times bestseller, this great guide combines the concepts of customer insight, rapid experimentation, and actionable data from the Lean Startup methodology to allow individuals, teams, or even entire companies to solve problems, create value, and ramp up their vision quickly and efficiently. x  $340.00 ENTREPRENEURSHIP
MISBEHAVING 9780241951224 RICHARD H THALER Misbehaving is an irreverent and enlightening look into human foibles. Traditional economics assumes that rational forces shape everything. Behavioural economics knows better. Richard Thaler has spent his career studying the notion that humans are central to the economy - and that we're error-prone individuals, not Spock-like automatons. Now behavioural economics is hugely influential, changing the way we think not just about money, but about ourselves, our world and all kinds of everyday decisions. x  $167.00 ECONOMICS
NEW CASE FOR GOLD 9781101980767 JAMES RICKARDS In this bold manifesto, bestselling author and economic commentator James Rickards steps forward to defend gold as both an irreplaceable store of wealth and a standard for currency. Global political instability and market volatility are on the rise. Gold, always a prudent asset to own, has become the single most important wealth preservation tool for banks and individuals alike. Rickards draws on historical case studies, monetary theory, and personal experience as an investor to argue that the next financial collapse will be exponentially bigger than the panic of 2008. The time will come, sooner rather than later, when there will be panic buying and only central banks, hedge funds, and other big players will be able to buy any gold at all. x  $182.00 ECONOMICS
PEAK:SECRETS FROM THE NEW SCIENCE OF EXPERTISE 9781847923202 ANDERS ERICSSON Anders Ericsson has spent thirty years studying The Special Ones, the geniuses, sports stars and musical prodigies. And his remarkable finding, revealed in Peak, is that their special abilities are acquired through training. The innate ‘gift’ of talent is a myth. Exceptional individuals are born with just one unique ability, shared by us all – the ability to develop our brains and bodies through our own efforts. Anders Ericsson’s research was the inspiration for the popular ‘10,000-hour rule’ but, he tells us, this rule is only the beginning of the story. It’s not just the hours that are important but how you use them. We all have the seeds of excellence within us – it’s merely a question of how to make them grow. With a bit of guidance, you’ll be amazed at what the average person can achieve. x  $218.00 MANAGEMENT
TRIGGERS:CREATING BEHAVIOURAL THAT LASTS 9780451497864 MARSHALL GOLDSMITH Triggers confronts head-on the challenges of behaviour and change, looking at the external factors (or 'triggers') - both negative and positive - that affect our behaviours, our awareness of when we need to change, our willingness (or otherwise) to do so and our ability to see the change through. Drawing on his unparalleled experience as an international executive educator and coach, Marshall Goldsmith invites us to understand how our own beliefs and the environments in which we operate can trigger negative behaviours, or a resistance to the need to change. But he also offers up some simple, practical advice to help us navigate the negative and make the most of the triggers that will help us to sustain positive change. x  $120.00 MANAGEMENT

AS I WAS SAYING 9781405924177 JEREMY CLARKSON As I Was Saying... is the seventh book in Jeremy Clarkson's best-selling The World According to Clarkson series.

Crikey, the world according to Clarkson's been a funny old place of late . . .

For a while, Jeremy could be found in his normal position as the tallest man on British television but, more recently, he appears to have been usurped by a pretend elephant.

But on paper the real Jeremy remains at the helm. That's as it should be. For nearly thirty years he has been fearlessly leading the charge as one the best comic writers in the country. And in 2015, he shows no sign of slowing down.
NA  $134.00 HUMOR
COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HORSE RACING 9781780977652 Now in its sixth edition, The Complete Encyclopedia of Horse Racing is an authoritative and comprehensive illustrated work of reference. The book tells the story of the "sport of kings" from its earliest inceptions to the present day. It provides essential information on all the top jockeys and the leading owners and trainers and the famous horses. Every personality (human and equine), event and issue of importance in the history of both flat racing and steeplechasing will be referred to somewhere in the book. x  $419.00 SPORTS
CYCLING PLUS:TOTAL ROAD CYCLING 9781780976556 Cycling has never been more popular, whether as a pro-level sport on TV, as a way of commuting on city streets, or as a massive participation sport involving millions of dedicated road riders. This book is aimed at those legions of weekend heroes of all levels of fitness and experience who inhabit the world of road riding, from those entering their first charity event to seasoned riders looking to improve their performance. Everything that these riders need to know is here, in one comprehensive volume. The book starts by looking at choosing the right kit, from buying a bike to deciding on the right clothes and accessories x  $335.00 SPORTS
HELPING CHILDREN SUCCEED 9781847947963 PAUL TOUGH In his international bestseller How Children Succeed, Paul Tough introduced us to research showing that personal qualities like perseverance, self-control and conscientiousness play a critical role in children’s success. Now, in Helping Children Succeed, he outlines the practical steps that adults – from parents and teachers to policymakers and philanthropists – can take to improve the chances of every child, however adverse their circumstances. And he mines the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to show how creating the right environments, both at home and at school, can instil personal qualities vital for future success. xN/A  $151.00 PARENTING
MARVEL'S CAPTAIN AMERICA:CIVIL WAR PRELUDE 9780785194408 WILL CORONA PILGRIM Written by Will Corona Pilgrim and Mark Millar. Art by Szymon Kudranski, Lee Ferguson, Steve McNiven and Dexter Vines. Collects Marvel's Captain America Civil War Prelude (2015) #1-4 and INFINITE COMIC #1, and Civil War (2006 Marvel) #1. Follow the road to Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR with official adaptations of the smash-hit films IRON MAN 3 and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER! When the Mandarin launches a series of deadly terror attacks on America, Iron Man must take action! But can Tony Stark handle the pressure when he has his own demons to face? And when Captain America encounters an assassin called the Winter Soldier, he joins with Black Widow and Falcon to uncover a deep-seated conspiracy in their very midst! It's spy versus spy as the fate of the country hangs in the balance! Plus: A single misstep ignites the fuse and pits hero against hero in the opening chapter of the comic-book story that inspired the film! x  $166.00 COMICS
MATCH! JOKE BOOK 9781509824991 Over four hundred of the funniest football jokes from the makers of Match! the UK's best football magazine! Match! Joke Book is a hilarious mix of football quips, puns, knock-knock jokes and shaggy-dog stories. You'll laugh your football socks off! x  $100.00 SPORTS
MATCH!INCREDIBLE STATS & FACTS 9781509825004 Over a thousand jaw-dropping stats and crazy facts from the makers of the UK's best football magazine! Match! Incredible Stats and Facts is packed full of brilliant facts, stats, lists and records from fastest goals to top scorers and most red cards to tallest stars in the Premier League. Includes amazing player facts, bonkers football injuries, biggest transfer fees, fantastic footie legends, trophy trivia, stunning stadiums, incredible strange-but-true revelations, all the firsts, and the fastest, tallest, boldest facts about the Champions League, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the UEFA European Championship and the World Cup. x  $100.00 SPORTS
QUIET LEADERSHIP 9780241244937 CARLO ANCELOTTI Carlo Ancelotti is one of the greatest managers of all time, with five Champions League titles to his name. Yet his approach could not be further from the aggressive theatricals favoured by many of his rivals. His understated style has earned him the fierce loyalty of players like David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo. x  $251.00 SPORTS
THE LOLLY BOOK 9780857833563 KARIS & DOMINIC GESUA The Lolly Book is full of healthy recipes and foodie flavours with no artificial sweeteners, added flavourings, concentrates or purees - just real fruity goodness. Karis and Dominic, founders of successful healthy ice lolly start-up LICKALIX, offer frozen treats for everyday, special occasions, cocktail hour and more. Each recipe is accompanied by tips and fun fruit facts, plus a full nutritional breakdown. Get the inside scoop on fruit and veg, the low down on sugar and tips on essential equipment. There are lollies for every occasion, from classic Double Strawberry and creamy Mango Lassie to a no-holds barred Ice Lolly Dipping Bonanza and the ultimate healthy kick, Green Goddess, plus boozy poptails,including Peach Bellini and Zesty Margarita. Who knew ice could taste this good? x  $251.00 COOKERY
UEFA EURO 2016 OFFICIAL BOOK 9781780977577 KEIR RADNEDGE Official licensed product of UEFA EURO 2016TM. One of the most eagerly anticipated events on the sporting calendar, the 15th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship will take place between 10 June and 10 July 2016 in France, when, for the first time, 24 teams will play for Europe's most prestigious international prize. UEFA EURO 2016 The Official Book covers every aspect of the tournament: how the bid was won; an overview of the venues. x  $218.00 SPORTS

5TH WAVE #3 LAST STAR 9780141345925 RICK YANCEY The enemy is Other. The enemy is us. They're down here, they're up there, they're nowhere. They want the Earth, they want us to have it. They came to wipe us out, they came to save us.

But beneath these riddles lies one truth: Cassie has been betrayed. So has Ringer. Zombie. Nugget. And all 7.5 billion people who used to live on our planet. Betrayed first by the Others, and now by ourselves.

In these last days, Earth's remaining survivors will need to decide what's more important: saving themselves . . . or saving what makes us human.
x  $130.00 YOUNG ADULT
65-STOREY TREEHOUSE 9781447287599 ANDY GRIFFITHS The 65-Storey Treehouse is the fifth book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh-out-loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon-style illustrations. x  $100.00 INTERMEDIATE FICTION
ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE: JUNIOR NOVEL 9780062453365 CHRIS CERASI Life’s a beach for the happy birds of Bird Island. They work, play, and raise their hatchlings without a care in the world. A few Angry Birds can ruffle some feathers, but that’s what anger-management classes are for. Red—the angriest of them all—doesn’t want to go to class. He’d rather be alone. Then a ship of pigs lands on the island and the birds welcome the fun-loving pigs. As more ships arrive, filled with pigs and their crazy contraptions, Red grows suspicious. Can he channel his anger to uncover the pigs’ big plans? The Angry Birds Movie: The Junior Novel tells the entire story from the movie and includes a section of photos from the film! x  $62.00 INTERMEDIATE FICTION
BFG MOVIE TIE-IN 9780141361321 ROALD DAHL THE BFG by Roald Dahl, now a major new movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
The well-loved story of a big friendly giant who spirits a child out of bed to the land of the child-eating giants.

Every night, when the world is sleeping, big gruesome giants guzzle up whoppsy-whiffling human beans. And there's only one giant who can stop them - the BFG. He's the kindest giant there is and, with his friend Sophie in his top pocket, he sets out to rid the world of the Bloodbottler, the Fleshlumpeater and all their rotsome friends forever . . .
x  $89.00 YOUNG ADULT
MR. MEN GO CAMPING 9781405281034 ROGER HARGREAVES There’s nothing Mr Strong enjoys more than a camping trip: fresh air, exercise, camp fires and good company. But when a very grumbly Mr Grumble, a terrified Mr Jelly and a very demanding Little Miss Splendid join the party, he might just have to change his mind!

The great outdoors comes to life Mr Men style in this funny, colourful story for adventurous girls and boys. Perfect for the holidays!
MR. MEN MAKING MUSIC 9781405281041 ROGER HARGREAVES When Mr Funny announced he was going to start a band, everyone was very excited! But some of the Mr Men are better at making music than others. Little Miss Trouble wants to be in the band, but she can’t play a chord or tap in time. How will she ever be chosen?

The Mr Men and Little Miss Every Day series takes Roger Hargreaves’ beloved characters on trips and activities that children will recognise from their own lives.
SELECTION TRILOGY CROWN 9780007580248 KIERA CASS 35 suitors entered the Selection. Only 1 will win her heart. The fifth and final captivating novel in Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series!

In The Heir, a new era dawned in the world of The Selection. Twenty years have passed since America Singer and Prince Maxon fell in love, and their daughter is the first princess to hold a Selection of her own.
x  $134.00 YOUNG ADULT
TOM GATES SUPER GOOD SKILLS ALMOST 9781407157856 LIZ  PICHON Look out! Tom, Delia and the whole Gates family are going on holiday. How will Tom manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever? By doodling, of course! An exciting new story - with doodle your own elements! - from award-winning and best-selling author Liz Pichon. x  $184.00 CHILDREN REFERENCE
WORLD OF ERIC CARLE:WHAT'S THE TIME 9780141363752 ERIC CARLE Learn to tell the time with the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

When does the Very Hungry Caterpillar wake up?

What time does the frog eat lunch?

See what all your favourite animals do from breakfast to bedtime! And turn the chunky clock hands to show the time of day on every page.
x  $151.00 EARLY AGE
WORLD'S WORST CHILDREN 9780008197049 DAVID WALLIAMS From the world’s favourite author, David Walliams – ten cautionary tales and a delightfully dreadful cast of characters; all in a gorgeously gifty FULL COLOUR format!

Are you ready to meet the World’s Worst Children? Five beastly boys and five gruesome girls!

話說時裝 9789887710516 田山淳朗 日本時裝設計師Atsuro Tayama (田山淳朗) 自上世紀八十年代展開他的時裝旅程,由加入Yohji Yamamoto公司擔任設計師一職到創立自己的品牌,由日本到巴黎實現他的夢想,至今一直鍾愛時裝,熱愛生活。成長過程中的所見所聞化為他的創作靈感,每季的時裝系列以布料和色彩展現出他眼中的女性形象,同時也像是記下他當下的心情。Atsuro Tayama相信「時裝就是世界語言」,「有形」和「無形」地牽連著你我和他的世界。這本書分為〈時〉和〈裝〉兩部份,〈時〉是Tayama的生活點滴和感悟,而〈裝〉就是關於他的時裝世界,見證了他多年來對時裝的堅持,憑著信念,Atsuro Tayama繼續努力。 x  $168 時尚
瑪嘉烈與大衛的綠豆 9789881423078 南方舞廳 「綠豆」的故事中,瑪嘉烈與大衛已發展至同居階段,感情落入凡間,要面對種種現實問題。相處從來都是一個值得學習的課題,生活中有很多細節的考驗,愛未必能解決問題,還要遷就、妥協、了解,且看瑪嘉烈與大衛如何從中找平衡。 x  $78 流行小說
紅樓夢裏人301散文 9789882013322 亦舒 數十年如一日,反正沒有其他嗜好,香茗一杯、沙發一張,吁口氣,趁着這奈何天,傷懷日,寂寞時,翻開那懷金悼玉的《紅樓夢》。 x  $78 流行小說
與錢對話 9789888292707 蔡東豪 你願意用甚麼交換錢,又願意以錢交換甚麼?

x  $138 投資理財
樂戶台灣移居生活提案 9789888292998 黃璟瑜 「在台灣,我找回生活的感覺。」


x  $128 投資理財
山知道LIVE WILD 9789571361949 楊世泰 《LIVE WILD山知道》是兩位熱愛山岳的登山客:楊世泰(阿泰)與他最重要的山友──妻子戴翊庭(呆呆)對大自然的生命分享。書中寫下了登山之於兩人的經驗與體悟、行路間遭遇的困頓和危險、登頂時震懾的雲海與光線,還有他們走過的每一座山頭。生長在登山世家,對登山思想、技能、文化背景知識淵博的阿泰,更以「裝備、技巧、觀念、路線」四大角度,羅列36條登山者必知必曉的「野外生存之道」,清楚實用的分類方式,深入淺出的知識彙整,是每一位喜愛登山與大自然戶外活動族群的必備守則。 x  $140 運動
兒童尺牘及禮儀書 9789620864681 全書以趣味故事串連,輕鬆帶出三大學習內容。培養孩子從小重視人倫禮儀,懂得分尊卑,並建立起待人接物的良好態度。

1) 認識稱謂:如何稱呼家族親戚和陌生人
2) 掌握日常禮貌用語和禮儀:通電話、招待客人、到親友家中作客、喜慶祝賀語、慰問和道歉用語
3) 學習書信、賀卡的格式和用語:撰寫簡單書信、邀請卡、慰問卡、生日卡、新年賀卡等
x  $68 童書
一本書讀懂哥吉拉:解開跨越半世紀的怪獸 9789571363042 小野俊太郎  人類電影史上最為傳奇的怪獸,日本怪獸們的始祖──
x  $107 電影
怪獸大師圓谷英二:發現日本特攝電影黃金 9789571364599 奧古斯特.拉格尼 August Ragone  圓谷英二為人們打造出絢爛而龐大的特攝電影帝國,
x  $267 電影
李小龍肢體表達的藝術 9789620734359 約翰  力圖 約翰.力圖翻遍李小龍所有訓練日誌及私人手稿,在本書整理了這位一代武術家個人健身訓練的種種細節,再通過與曾經跟李小龍密切進行訓練的弟子及朋友,包括周裕明、黃錦銘、伊魯山度、木村武之、渣巴、赫伯.傑克遜、蓮達.李.卡德韋爾等的專訪,構成了一本建基於李小龍完善身體、平衡體形與健康理念的健身聖經。 x  $158 運動